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LexiFund is a fully-licensed investment company dealing with sports betting. We are a team of professional and qualified gamblers united in one group for mutual success. It all started quite some time ago in the year of 2007 when a group of financial advisors concluded a report on the most prospective business fields for the up-coming years and sports betting was numbered as first. That is why it was decided to choose this kind of business sphere as our main and so far we have achieved great success. Please keep on reading to learn our story.

LexiFund was incorporated in the United Kingdom in 2007 and since then has been providing customers with outstanding customer and investment experience through asset management services. How it all works? Customers who have money to invest and no idea where to invest trust their funds for professional management and then receive significant and competitive returns on their investments. This is what we have been doing for almost 8 years already and will keep doing as more and more people are willing to join us and our customer count grows up every single day…

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