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Increase AdSense Earning (250% Return)

Buy AdSense Safe Traffic & Increase adsense earning in your existing google adsense account We Proudly Offer 250% Return with Guarantee

We have google adsense safe traffic which produces guaranteed results. We have used this traffic at hundreds domains and sites and always worked as per requirement.

  • Traffic is 100% Google AdSense safe
  • Visitor can be send “blank referrer” or “spoofed traffic” (shown visitors coming from any site)
  • We can set each visitor gap (in hours). For example 1 visitor after each 2 hours, etc.
  • 100% Unique visitors or repeated visitors as per requirement to maintain bounce rate
  • We can send traffic to multiple pages by one campaign
  • GEO Targeted traffic, get visitors and clicks from any country
  • Get traffic from computers, mobiles or mix devices
  • You get confirmed clicks from this traffic

200% Guaranteed Return

If your adsense/blog website niche is related to high cpc niches then we give 200% return to our clients.

High Paying CPC Niches Are:

voip, college, credit card, loans, hosting, virtual data room, lawyers, settlement, stocks, etc. 

If your site is not one of above niches then we can add articles to your blog/website of these niches @ $20/article so ads of these topics may display at your site/blog and you can send traffic to these pages. Depending on number of articles, we can lower price.

Adsense Traffic Deals

Buy Traffic Adsense Revenue Return %
$100 $200 200%
$300 $600 200%
$500 $1,050 210%
$750 $1,575 210%
$1,000 $2,200 220%
$1,500 $3,450 230%
$2,000 $5,000 250%

Working Procedure

  1. You buy traffic on monthly basis, so you decide how much you can spend per month
  2. According to purchased traffic we send our traffic to your sites/blogs equally for 30 days
  3. For example if you buy $500 traffic then your return will be $1,000. So we will send traffic which will generate $30-$40 revenue per day at your adsense account.
  4. You need to send us your google adsense account earning screenshot twice a week or minimum once a week so we may know our traffic progress.
  5. We will also send google adsense impressions to your site to adjust CTR %.
  6. Traffic which generate real click and google adsense impressions traffic both are different kind of traffic and both traffic is generated from different sources.

Things To Remember

  • Its your own decision how much you want to boost up your adsense earning. Sudden heavy increase in adsense account is not suggested. For example if you are earning $500 monthly then its not good to jump suddenly at $1500 per month. You increase your adsense earning gradually like $200-$300 steps.
  • You can start from lower amount and then increase revenue gradually.
  • For revenue in thousands, we suggest to use multiple sites in same adsense account
  • You need to monitor your account adsense account yourself to control CTR % however we can send unlimited impressions to your site/blog to adjust ctr %.

We Can Also Provide

  • New google adsense account for many countries
  • Google adsense compliance website/blog (high paying niche) which will get approved by adsense

Payment Methods: Bitcoin, Perfect Money, OkPay, Western Union, Bank Wire

(Paypal is accepted after verification at TeamViewer & 7 days hold)

Contact: (online 12-14 hours a day)

Email & Chat:

Skype ID: globalcashsite


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