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Not Paying, Scam

7 Oceans Trade, part of the group Oceans Of Experience, provides non-risk investment plans to global investors, which is a milestone for its long-term exploration on risk control. 7 Oceans Trade Inc offers different investment plans with the minimum investment amount of 10 US Dollars. Profits will be delivered to your account on calendar days, from monday to friday, as markets during weekends are closed, and you are free to make as many deposits as you like. Of course, the amount of money you earn will depend on the amount of money you invest. We aim to process all e-currency withdrawal requests instantly, if not, within 24 hours.

By predicting automated trading technologies, long trends, scalping and credit instruments and signals from major banks, 7 Oceans Trade Inc offers a stable and reliable daily profit for its clients and fulfills its aims. The founders of our company have worked with some of the largest banks across the globe and the investment concept that is followed by our company is the result of their years of experience. The trend of trading processes that are conducted by large banks is followed by 7 Oceans Trade Inc most of the times; this is the reason behind our company’s successful business in finance and asset management.

We invest in capitals market. Capitals market are markets that trade financial securities, a security is an instrument that represents the full or partial ownership of a business, a security can be seen as a part of the company/market involved that has a financial value and can be negotiated. 7 Oceans Trade Inc specializes in bonds and futures market. The bond market consists of trading debts, which can be sold by companies in need of raising money quickly and the futures market is based on buying and selling commodities with a future specified delivery date, predicting if the price of the product involved will be higher or lower at the end of the contract. But this is not ended: as you see we have lifeterm plan package, this plan is intended for our bitcoin mining project as it guarantees a continuos and stable profit. Your profit will not reach the stars but it will be safe for lifetime. As a partner of our investment group, you don’t need any knowledge on these markets. Our website allows you to indirectly profit from these markets with the help of our experts. 7 Oceans Trade Inc can be seen as a simplified investment broker.

Not Paying, Scam

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4 responses to “7Oceans-Trade”

  1. admin says:

    Hello GlobalCashSite,
    this weekend we will start our 2nd month of our online investment project, for this “anniversary” we would like to give an extra bonus upto 20% to all deposits that will be invested into our plans (exception made for short term plans).

    The bonus will be added manually once you have deposited in one of our daily plans.

    This promotion it will be valid only from friday to sunday.

    Bonus table:
    10$ -> 50$ : 10%
    51$ -> 250$ : 12%
    251$ -> 1000$ : 14%
    1001$ -> 5000$ : 16%
    5001$ -> 10000$ : 18%
    10001$ -> 50000$ : 20%

    We want to remind also that who had his deposit expired during XMAS season vacations it’s getting extra earning days with a little bonus gift aswell as extended period!

    Are you ready for a great 2014?

    Thanks everybody for your support and for your trust.

    7 Oceans Trade

  2. admin says:

    Dear 7 Oceans Trade Members,

    we’d like to advise you that our banners are now updated with our last plans, so feel free to update them in your sites,blogs,monitors,forums etc

    We’d like to remember you also about our holidays (starting from 24th december) as you can see in our news, so there wont be earning untill holidays will be expired.

    Today it’s our 40th day online and we would like to thanks everybody for the support, starting from our internal staff to our dear promoters and monitors, and principally to our active investors.

    Thank you for this beginning, this will be just a start for a great 2014.


    We wish you all a merry XMAS and an HAPPY NEW YEAR!


    Best Regards

    7 Oceans Trade – Staff

  3. admin says:

    Hello GlobalCashSite,
    we would like to inform you that due to the XMAS holidays the earnings from 24th to 27th december will be postdated to the next week (31th december and 1st january excluded).
    This is because during these days, to avoid losses, markets are kinda closed and also there might be a really low activity during this period of time, and also our offices are kinda closed because everybody here will enjoy their XMAS holidays.

    We would like also remember to you about our new “short” term plans, these plans are perfectly balanced with our “standard” investment packages and they are currently opened for deposits.

    We’re ready ando also we aim to be one of the major projects for the next coming year,
    and hopefully for many years to come again and again.

    We hope you will pass nice fests and the whole 7 Oceans Trade Staff wish you a MERRY XMAS and an HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    Sincerely Best Regards

    7 Oceans Trade Staff

  4. admin says:

    Hello GlobalCashSite,
    As for another XMAS present we changed our minimum deposit for every plan:
    everything is set at 10$ minimum deposit (except 180 days plan).


    Best Regards

    7 Oceans Trade

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