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Not Paying, Scam

Prospera Nova LTD is a private investment program that is based in United Kingdom.

We are an online division of a company that has dealt with the investment market for more than four years. Over the past years, our managers have gained knowledge and experience, which provide high returns with a very low loss rate. The main portion of our income comes from stock market activity, while the rest is generated by our forex investments.

The team spirit that can be found in Prospera Nova is typical of an organization that has a human side. In their daily work our staff members never lose sight of their client’s interest. Their common goal is to develop solutions that are exactly in keeping with each investor’s individual expectations and to maintain a superior quality of service.

Being a member of Prospera Nova makes you our partner. As a partner, you deserve all of our respect and confidence. We owe you reliability and stability of income, which is exactly what you receive when you invest funds with us.

In terms of professional skills, we meet the same standards that you would encounter with a large investment company. However, in regards to accessibility and personalized advice, we will provide you with much, much more.

We do not promise unrealistic returns. Our experience is the foundation on which security and growth of your funds is assured.

Prospera Nova will continue to offer its extensive investment portfolio to its clients and is committed to their profit. Over time, new investment offers and services will be added to the company’s current portfolio.

Not Paying, Scam

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33 responses to “ProsperaNova”

  1. admin says:

    Hello GlobalCashSite

    Your account name is globalcashsite
    Your e-mail is
    Your e-gold account is
    You have been registered: 2012-12-21 10:39:07
    It came to our attention that you have joined our program, but you
    did not make any investments.

    We would like to know whether you have any technical problems or you
    have just changed your mind regarding our company, and why if you did
    change your mind.

    We offer ourselves to help you, whatever reason is for not
    participating in our investment business.
    We have worked in a long time and keep rising in a successful way, we
    have proof it through our stable profit share and we are giving all we
    might to keep it as stable as they were.

    here some faithful members proof

  2. admin says:

    We recently received an e-mail from one of our investors stating the following: “I like to read your newsletters as they are full of information and I always pick up something new. What I would also like to see in them is more stuff about your program. About its development, where it is heading and similar.”

    Truth be told, most of our newsletters didn\’t cover us and our program. We have a simple reason for doing that. Everything is on track and going good here. In this case we could use the old saying that no news is good news.

    As you all very well know, the profit is stable, we are processing withdraws well below our 24h limit and we respond to all tickets quite fast.

    And we promise we will do our best to keep everything as it is.

    Also, we are going to stop bragging now. We will leave it to you, our investors. Of course, if you believe we have earned that. And we do believe that most of you, if not all, are quite pleased with our work, demonstrated by the constantly growing number of our investors, in the thousands now, even with us spending very little on advertising. Most of our members actually come to us over referral links.

    We are slowly becoming the leading online investment program. And we owe thanks to all of you for that. Without you, we would be nowhere. Thank you.

    And with that we bring another newsletter to a close, just a little update left. In your members area you should be able to see a new link – exchange funds. After many members asked, we decided to implement that functionality. Now you can do an exchange between processors before doing a withdraw. We would just like to note that you should pay attention to the exchange rates.

    Thank you for your trust.

    Best Regards,
    Prospera Nova Support

  3. admin says:

    Dear investors,

    We would like to inform you that we have upgraded our monitors page. We added some new, popular, ones and removed any that went offline.

    By the way, do be cautious about which monitors to have faith in. The attention to that decision is well warranted as, in this industry, there are as many scummy monitors as there are programs. Some monitors are blackmailers, other do not care for investors at all and will show programs as “paying”, ignoring any complaints as long as they themselves are getting paid. Some are just quite slow in updating statuses.

    An example of a good and honest monitor would be Money News Online, whose administrator, Paul, is a honest and well known man. But, in any case, our recommendation is to never put faith in only one monitor. Always cross check using more sources, monitors and forums alike.

    Thank you for your trust.

    Best Regards,
    Prospera Nova Support

  4. admin says:

    Dear investors,

    Although we done short reviews of all the processors we accept we still receive many emails from users wondering how to fund their accounts. Because of that we have decided to go for a more detailed write up of the process and hopefully answer some of those questions.

    -Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money are, as you know, quite alike and are best as far as privacy is concerned. As well, one of the good things about this pair is that there are no chargebacks, meaning that your money stays put once you get paid. Bear in mind that it can be a double edged sword due to hacking so we advise you to take all the steps you can to better your security.
    How do you transfer money to one of these processors? You can not do that directly with Liberty Reserve. You need to use one of their exchangers. A list of them can be found here:
    Next to each exchanger on the list you can find the ways to transfer money to them and you should pick whatever suits you the best. The most commonly used methods are wire transfer, which can be done from your bank or a WU transfer which you can use from any Western Union branch. Depending on your country, you might also be able to find a local exchanger. If a local exchanger is indeed available, they usually are the best option.

    Perfect Money has a similar list as well. Everything we said about LR stands for Perfect Money. The list can be found here:
    The only significant difference is that you can fund Perfect Money directly, using a wire transfer, but you must verify your account first.

    -SolidTrustPay is, as you may know, slowly raising up as direct competition to PayPal, but as a more secure option with less frauds, chargebacks, etc. You can fund SolidTrustPay directly via wire or bank transfers. Credit cards can also be used. On the other hand, the STP account verification process is very demanding, the fees are high and the limits are low.

    -EgoPay is, as we stated before, best described as a Payza proxy and there is not much need to go into detail here. It is, after all, mostly used by Payza users who know how it works. As far as our experiences with it go, EgoPay has very good support and does not seem to be a bad processor. The problem is with Payza, as they seem to be having trouble with deposits as well as withdraws at the moment. Due to that we can not recommend this option.

    That would be that in a nutshell. Please do not hesitate to contact us should more questions arise.

    Thank you for your trust.

    Best regards,
    Prospera Nova Support

  5. admin says:

    Dear investors,

    Just a short heads-up: Liberty Reserve was offline today for 11 hours due to scheduled maintenance. Due to that, the withdraws on LR were getting processed slower then usual, but we managed to keep them well under our 24h limit.

    Liberty Reserve is online again, all withdraws are processed and, as well, anyone who could not make deposits today should now be able to do so.

    Thank you for your trust.

    Best regards,
    Prospera Nova Support

  6. admin says:

    12/06/2012 18:19 123132026 U0816884 (Prospera Nova) + $2.00
    12/05/2012 17:51 122954835 U0816884 (Prospera Nova) + $2.30
    12/04/2012 17:55 122781295 U0816884 (Prospera Nova) + $17.00
    12/03/2012 17:55 122606422 U0816884 (Prospera Nova) + $2.30

  7. admin says:

    11/30/2012 17:18 122226054 U0816884 (Prospera Nova) + $4.00

  8. admin says:

    11/28/2012 16:40 121915546 U0816884 (Prospera Nova) + $2.00

  9. admin says:

    Dear investors,

    We would like to bring the matter of safety to your attention. In the past 3 days two of our investors have contacted us requesting help in restoring their accounts. Both of our users were infected with a trojan keylogger and someone stole their passwords for all online accounts, including e-mail and ecurrencies. Only thanks to our composure, they got their Prospera Nova accounts back and a potential loss was averted.

    A lot of people think they are safe and that it cannot happen to them. Unfortunately, it can happen to all of us. That is the reason why we advise you to always have an antivirus program installed and to update it regularly, just as you should update your system, and, besides that, you should be very careful about what you run on your computer as well. Be careful now, rather then later, as it might be too late then.

    We don\’t have any big news, primarily because everything is going superbly. The growth rate of our program flew over our expectations. We are working on a few new things, but I wont be releasing the details yet. Lets just say you will not be sorry to be our investors.

    Thank you for your trust.

    Best Regards,
    Prospera Nova Support

  10. admin says:

    Dear investors,

    Money News Online, one of the leading investment blogs, published an interview with the CEO of Prospera Nova.

    You can read it on:

    Thank you.

    Best Regards,
    Prospera Nova Support

  11. admin says:

    11/27/2012 05:17 121652779 U0816884 (Prospera Nova) + $29.40
    11/23/2012 18:22 121212558 U0816884 (Prospera Nova) + $2.60
    11/22/2012 17:37 121049702 U0816884 (Prospera Nova) + $2.00
    11/22/2012 04:43 120942065 U0816884 (Prospera Nova) + $20.00
    11/21/2012 17:40 120885480 U0816884 (Prospera Nova) + $2.00
    11/20/2012 17:32 120710352 U0816884 (Prospera Nova) + $4.00

  12. admin says:

    11/16/2012 17:26 120105102 U0816884 (Prospera Nova) + $7.00
    11/15/2012 17:36 119925615 U0816884 (Prospera Nova) + $2.00
    11/14/2012 18:16 119742868 U0816884 (Prospera Nova) + $2.00

  13. admin says:

    11/13/2012 18:14 119528959 U0816884 (Prospera Nova) + $4.00
    11/09/2012 17:26 118881052 U0816884 (Prospera Nova) + $2.00
    11/08/2012 18:26 118698091 U0816884 (Prospera Nova) + $2.00

  14. admin says:

    11/08/2012 04:02 118555387 U0816884 (Prospera Nova) + $2.00

    11/06/2012 18:20 118276798 U0816884 (Prospera Nova) + $2.00
    11/05/2012 14:22 118036047 U0816884 (Prospera Nova) + $4.00

  15. admin says:

    10/16/2012 17:30 114886824 U0816884 (Prospera Nova) + $2.00

  16. admin says:

    10/15/2012 19:56 114716585 U0816884 (Prospera Nova) + $2.00

  17. admin says:

    10/12/2012 17:22 114317800 U0816884 (Prospera Nova) + $2.00
    10/11/2012 20:12 114173373 U0816884 (Prospera Nova) + $2.00

  18. admin says:

    10/10/2012 17:19 113985067 U0816884 (Prospera Nova) + $2.00

  19. gcs staff says:

    10/09/2012 20:12 113844060 U0816884 (Prospera Nova) + $2.00

  20. admin says:

    10/08/2012 17:23 113659639 U0816884 (Prospera Nova) + $2.00

  21. admin says:

    10/04/2012 20:10 113142120 U0816884 (Prospera Nova) + $2.00

  22. admin says:

    10/03/2012 16:52 112964733 U0816884 (Prospera Nova) + $2.00

  23. admin says:

    10/02/2012 20:09 112829800 U0816884 (Prospera Nova) + $2.00

  24. admin says:

    10/01/2012 16:53 112638222 U0816884 (Prospera Nova) + $2.00
    09/28/2012 20:05 112317461 U0816884 (Prospera Nova) + $2.00

  25. admin says:

    09/27/2012 16:26 112145535 U0816884 (Prospera Nova) + $2.00

  26. admin says:

    09/26/2012 17:28 112006892 U0816884 (Prospera Nova) + $2.00

  27. admin says:

    09/25/2012 17:34 111840017 U0816884 (Prospera Nova) + $2.00

  28. admin says:

    09/24/2012 19:47 111699195 U0816884 (Prospera Nova) + $2.00

  29. admin says:

    09/21/2012 16:53 111325255 U0816884 (Prospera Nova) + $2.00

  30. admin says:

    09/20/2012 19:51 111194296 U0816884 (Prospera Nova) + $2.00

  31. admin says:

    09/19/2012 16:11 111018104 U0816884 (Prospera Nova) + $2.00

  32. admin says:

    09/18/2012 16:39 110876746 U0816884 (Prospera Nova) + $4.00

  33. admin says:

    09/15/2012 06:45 110451759 U0816884 (Prospera Nova) + $2.00

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