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General Services Posting Package Diamond Marketing Gold Marketing Silver Marketing

List of Different Website Services

  1. New website development ready to launch
  2. Social Media Packages
  3. Real Human Traffic
  4. Greenbar EV SSL Certificate
  5. Company Incorporation
  6. Verified Accounts
  7. Video Presentation
  8. Alexa Rank
  9. HYIP Monitoring

01. New complete ready to launch website

No matter you are new to this hyip industry or you don't have time, I can help you in starting a brand new hyip site.

Main Features included in all HYIP Packages:

  • You just pay and get relax, I do every thing from 0-100%

  • You just get updates about progress and busy in your other usual works, don't spend time on new hyip setup

  • Creating necessary emails for site development and e-currency accounts

  • Catchy domain name searching and registration

  • Basic SSL Certificate registration

  • Good looking and professional site design including banners, logo, etc

  • Basic DDOS protected hosting for 1 month

  • Content on website like about, faq, terms, etc

  • Company registration image

  • One real UK phone number

Description Basic Standard Professional High-Tech
Complete Site Cost $10,000 $20,000 $35,000 $50,000
Estimated Return $100,000 - $150,000 $300,000 - $400,000 $600,000 -$700,000 $1,000,000+ ($1+ million)
Delivery (Calendar Days) 15-20 20-30 30-45 45-60
Advance 100% 75% 60% 50%

Domain, Hosting, Security

ENOM Domain 1 year 2 Years 3 Years 4 Years
Privacy Protection Yes Yes Yes Yes
DDOS Protection Standard Very Good Excellent Excellent
Hosting Server Dedicated - 1 Month Dedicated - 3 Months Dedicated - 6 Months Dedicated - Lifetime
Name Servers & IP Dedicated Dedicated Dedicated Dedicated
SSL Certificates 1 Standard 2 Different Brands 3 Different Brands 4 Different Brands
SSL Warranty Seals $10,000 $50,000 - $100,000 $150,000 - $250,000 $250,000 - $500,000
Antivirus Protection Seals Provided Provided Provided Provided
Green Bar EV SSL Pay $2,000 extra Included Included Included

Script & Designing

Script GoldCoder GoldCoder / ProBizScript GoldCoder / ProBizScript GoldCoder / ProBizScript
Pages 8 12 15 20
01. Home Custom Custom Custom Custom
02. Terms Standard Standard Standard Custom
03. News Standard Standard Custom Custom
04. FAQ Standard Standard Custom Custom
05. Rate US Standard Standard Standard Custom
06. Contact Standard Custom Custom Custom
07. Privacy Policy Standard Standard Standard Custom
08. Banner Standard Custom Custom
09. About Standard Custom Custom
10. Plans / Investments Standard Custom Custom
11. Affiliate / Partners Standard Custom
12. Anti Spam Standard Custom
13. Social Media Standard Custom
14. Exchangers Custom
15. Presentation Custom
16. What we do Custom
17. Strategy Custom
18. Support Ticket System Installed
Signup Page Standard Custom Custom Custom
Member Area Summary Standard Custom Custom Custom
Deposit Page Standard Standard Custom Custom
Withdrawal Page Standard Standard Custom Custom
Member Area Other Pages Standard Standard Standard Custom
Social Media Twitter + Facebook Icons linked to your accounts Twitter + Facebook Widgets linked to your accounts 2 social media accounts created and widgets added 3 social media accounts created and widgets added
Banners 3 5 7 8
Logo + Slogan Standard Custom Custom Custom

Miscellaneous & Legal

Live Support Membership Yes Yes Yes Yes
Live Support Staff $500/Month Extra Included ($500/Month Value) Included ($500/Month Value) Included ($500/Month Value)
Support Phone Numbers 1 UK 1 UK + 1 US 1 UK + 1 US 1 UK + 1 US
Phone Support Staff $1,000/Month Extra $1,000/Month Extra Included ($1000/Month Value) Included ($1000/Month Value)
UK Mailing Address $200 extra Free Provided ($200 value) Free Provided ($200 value) Free Provided ($200 value)
.info update blog $200 extra Free Provided ($200 value) Free Provided ($200 value) Free Provided ($200 value)
UK Company Incorporation $1,000 extra Free Provided ($1,000 value) Free Provided ($1,000 value) Free Provided ($1,000 value)
Incorporation Certificate Fake 100% Genuine 100% Genuine 100% Genuine
Third party company verification Not Applicable 100% Available 100% Available 100% Available
Video Presentation 1 Minute Video 3 Minuets Video 5 Minutes Videos 10 Minutes Videos

Paid Items provided Free of Cost

Real Human Visitors 100,000 ($200 value) 300,000 ($500 value) 500,000 ($800 value) 1,000,000 ($1,500 value)
Facebook Likes 10,000 ($100 value) 25,000 ($150 value) 50,000 ($250 value) 100,000 ($450 value)
Twitter Followers 10,000 ($100 value) 25,000 ($100 value) 50,000 ($150 value) 100,000 ($250 value)
Mix SEO Package Free ($500 value) Free ($500 value) Free ($500 value) Free ($500 value)
Posting Package Silver ($100 value) Bronze ($175 value) Gold ($250 value) Diamond ($400 value)

02. Social Media Packages

Social Media is the most power medium of marketing in today's Internet world. You can also use this medium to blast your site to hundred thousands potential investors worldwide. There are few straight benefits:

  • 1. Show widgets at your website and impress your site visitors that you have thousands follower and investors

  • 2. For SEO point of view your site will gone into very deep in search engine crawling and rankings.

  • 3. Natural traffic and potential investors

For instance any potential investor coming to your site but hesitating, but once he sees 25,365 followers or 18,632 facebook likes, this can change his mind and mentally force him to assume that your site is much popular and make decision to invest at your site.

Volume Facebook Twitter
10,000 $100 $50
25,000 $150 $100
50,000 $250 $150
100,000 $450 $250

03. Real Human Traffic - Great source of investment

I can deliver real human visitors to your site and blast your site to hundred thousands visitors/investors worldwide. All visitors are real and money making, work at home, investment, business opportunities related. This is a huge source of business. Only 5-10 investors can send you big deposits. Traffic comes from expired domains, backlinks, banners, blogs, forums through traffic controlling system. I have sold this traffic to many many hyips successfully.

Volume Worldwide US/Canada/Europe Daily Delivery
300,000 $500 $1,000 5k-10k
500,000 $800 $1,300 10k-20k
700,000 $1,200 $1,700 15k-20k
1,000,000 $1,500 $2,000 20k-30k

04. SSL Green Bar (including $250,000 - $1,000,000 warranty seal)

Extended Validation SSL Certificates give high security web browsers information to clearly identify a web site's organizational identity. For example, if you use Microsoft® Internet Explorer 7 to go to a web site secured with an SSL Certificate that meets the Extended Validation Standard, IE7 will cause the URL address bar to turn green. A display next to the green bar will toggle between the organization name listed in the certificate and the Certificate Authority (VeriSign® or GeoTrust, for example). Firefox and Opera have announced their intention to support Extended Validation SSL in upcoming releases. Older browsers will display Extended Validation SSL Certificates with the same security symbols as existing SSL Certificates.

Benefits For Web Site Owners

An Extended Validation SSL Certificate helps your visitors complete secure transactions with confidence and puts your organization in a leadership position. If your site has the "green bar" in IE 7 and your competitor's site does not, you appear to be more trusted and more legitimate. That's a competitive advantage in the world of e-commerce. For businesses with a high profile brand, using Extended Validation SSL is the most effective defense against phishing scams. When customers see the green bar and the name of your security vendor, they can interact with you online, with confidence.

Who Is Eligible

The CA/Browser Forum dictates what kinds of entities are eligible to obtain EV Certificates. The following entities are eligible provided they are currently registered with and approved by an official registration agency in their jurisdiction. The resulting charter, certificate, license or equivalent must be verifiable through that registration agency.

» Government Agencies

» Corporations

» General Partnerships

» Unincorporated Associations

» Sole Proprietorships

The employment and authority of the person placing the certificate order must be verifiable. These business entities need to have a confirm-able physical existence and business presence. Any assumed business names should be verifiable. A principal individual associated with the business must be validated and that person must confirm agreement to the Certificate Subscriber Agreement.

Price: $3,000/-

05. Company Incorporation - Get 100% genuine registration certificate

You can get more confidence of your investors by incorporating your company in United Kingdom and displaying 100% genuine incorporation certificate and registration number.

  • Your company incorporated in United Kingdom in 2-3 days

  • 100% original incorporation certificate

  • Company number provided

  • Incorporation verifiable by any one at third party websites

  • UK Mailing address provided

  • UK Phone Number provided

Price: $2,000/-

06. Verified Accounts

You can buy all e-currencies verified accounts.

Perfect Money: $250

SolidTrustPay: $300

Okpay: $250

EgoPay: $250

07. Video Presentation

Get video presentation for your site and impress your site visitors. Only high quality and long term sites dare to have video presentation.

1-2 Minutes: $500/Month

3-4 Minutes: $1,000/Month

08. Improve Alexa Rank

If you want world wide presence of your business then your Alexa rank must should be less than 100k. The more lower your alexa rank, more confidence your site visitor has. I can bring your alexa down to 100k or even 50k.

US Rank & WorldWide Rank service available

09. HYIP Monitoring

You can also add your site at No 1 HYIP Blog for only 200$ credit bonus. Banners and different categories requires cash in Liberty Reserve.