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The R.V.E Corporation Company (that owns the platform) proceeded on financial market since 2013. All the time our company invests in the development of mining and jewelry business. We have a great experience of working with investment in mining and gemstones trade. Today, the gemstone business is perhaps . . . → Read More: GemStoneInvest

Crypto Capital Invest

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We are a team of professional investors specialized in cryptocurrency arbitrage. Cryptocurrencies are growing fast around the world and the arbitrage trading of them and their opportunities are rich. The volatility of cryptocurrencies makes for plentiful arbitrage opportunities on a daily basis even when there are down . . . → Read More: Crypto Capital Invest


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NHM Fund is a professional asset management company conducting Forex trading on a daily basis for you, our clients. NHM Fund employs a global Forex trader network to provide the best results each and every day of trading. Our group of talented traders work 24/7 for you. NHM Fund . . . → Read More: NHMFund

Venture Wealth

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Before 2009,The work of VentureWealth was focused on commodities offline trading in North America.Accumulating the experience and enormous popularity of this field we decided to evolve into an online financial corporation to fill the demand in the area of trust asset management services in the forex and stock . . . → Read More: Venture Wealth

Blue Diamond Trade

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The Approved Capital Ventures Ltd company (that owns the Blue Diamond Trade platform) proceeded on financial market till 2012. All the time our company invests in the development of mining business. We have a great experience of working with investment in mining and gemstones trade. Today, . . . → Read More: Blue Diamond Trade


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Laxo Trade LTD is a private investment program that is based in United Kingdom. We are an online division of a company that has dealt with the investment market for more than four years. Over the past years, our managers have gained knowledge and experience, which provide high returns . . . → Read More: LaxoTrade


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Fixed Pay (Fixed Retail Bank) is a leader in forex trading and has developed a successful online retail deposits programs in World, serving customers through a high-tech branchless platform. John Griffith Chairman of the Management Board of Fixed Retail Bank. . . . → Read More: FixedPay


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AsixTrust is a licensed New Zealand investment company that provides investors with the opportunity to securely invest and earn profitable, reliable and sustainable daily return on investments with little or no investment skills. We indirectly give you access to the global investment market in four diversified areas (Banking, Forex . . . → Read More: AsixTrust


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Royal FX Bank is a money management company providing global investment opportunities that offer security, stability and impressive financial performance. Our service to investors and merchants is based on three main principles: guarantee, stability and no risk.

Royal FX Bank provides investors with opportunities to invest in carefully configured, . . . → Read More: RoyalFxBank


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Assured Assets was incorporated in 2013 as a privately-owned wealth management company. It was co-founded by financial industry veteran Jeffrey Hudson, and Brian Gaynor, an independent financial adviser. They have built this company from scratch, without pedigree of a large family business or inherited wealth.

Since inception, Assured Assets . . . → Read More: A-Assets