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Earn Money with Amazon: 6 Profitable Ways To Get Started Today

Amazon is one of the largest marketplaces online for buying and selling many different kinds of goods – physical and digital products. People not only can purchase things on Amazon but also can earn money with Amazon. Here are 6 popular ways to earn money with Amazon:

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This is for you if you have a website or blog and you enjoy recommending things that you like or have personally used to people who visit your site or blog because you think they will benefit from your recommendations. When you sign up to the Amazon Associates program, Amazon gives you a unique referral link or URL that you post on your site or blog. Then you have the opportunity to earn money with Amazon by directing visitors to Amazon products if a visitor makes a purchase by clicking on the embedded URL. When someone clicks on the referral link, the referral is tracked, and if the click ends in a purchase, it results in you getting paid a commission.  

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This is for you if you love gathering clearance items from your local stores like Ross, Home Goods, Marshalls, etc. You can use Amazon to sell those items for a higher price.

So how does it really work? Selling on Amazon is really like having your own online store. You will go out and seek any products you want to sell. Amazon will allow you to list the products and sell them without a hassle. Angie from “The Work at Home Wife” shared an amazing story from a woman who decided to start her own Amazon FBA business. Read here personal story, as a successful seller making a full-time income on Amazon.

Are you a crafter or artisan, or both? Then, you can be able to sell your own handcrafted products on Amazon Handmade. Amazon Handmade is a new store on Amazon launched recently. It allows invited artisans to sell their handmade crafts to the Amazon audience. Apply to sell on Amazon Handmade by completing an application online. If you are invited to register with Amazon Handmade, you will create your artisan profile, set up your products and start selling on this platform. You can sell your handmade jewelry, artwork, baby bedding, bedding, party supplies and many more items on this platform for a 12% referral fee.

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If you love writing and have a good command over English, you can write an e-book on a topic you like to talk about. Then register for free with Kindle Direct Publishing, a service provided by Amazon to publish your e-book on the Kindle platform. You can have your e-book published on the Kindle platform within 5 minutes and it will appear in Kindle stores worldwide within 48 hours.

You can set your own pricing for the e-book and earn up to a 70% royalty on your sales.

Believe it or not! You can also make make money by completing small tasks that pay via Amazon Mechanical Turk. These tasks are known as human intelligence tasks (HITs). These tasks generally take a short amount of time to complete. Examples of tasks include describing an image in a few words, identifying a specific color in a photo or video, researching data details, and more.

You will register as a worker. Then have access to thousands of HITs available to complete. Workers get paid after the requesters approve their tasks. The money is deposited in your Amazon Payments account. Depending on your location, you can transfer your earnings to your bank account or an gift card depending on your location.

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Amazon Trade-In program allows their customers to send their unused items that are in at least acceptable condition. You will then receive an Amazon Gift Card if the items were accepted. This is a hassle-free way to earn money by getting rid of items you no longer want. You may not be able to make as much compared to if you sold them directly to someone but by choosing to sell via this program you can avoid the hassle of dealing with selling it directly to someone.

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Final Words

As you can see Amazon is not just about buying all kinds of different products online. They also offer a variety of services people can use to earn money, such as these 5 popular ways to earn money with Amazon.

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