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Best PTC and GPT Sites

TOP 10 BEST GPT and PTC Websites (October 2019)

PTC and GPT sites are first station for every newbie who wants to make money online by working from home.

There are plenty of ways to make money online by working at home. You can work from home and make thousands dollars per month. If you are a newbie then you need to look on these legitimate ptc and gpt websites which are absolutely free.

You don’t need any prior experience to make money online by ptc and get sites. If you can click on banner or link then you can make money online. Even you can teach this to your wife or any teenager who can do this job in free time.

What is GPT?

GPT means “get paid to” do small task. These small task can be any thing like the following:

  • You will get paid to click ads/banners
  • You will get paid to read emails
  • You will get paid to signup on other websites
  • You will get paid to play games
  • You will get paid to install apps on mobile
  • You will get paid to surf the net
  • You will get paid to do online search
  • You will get paid to do online surveys

So GPT is very vast term and all kinds of small job offers are included in gpt sites. All these sites are basically GPT (get paid to) websites with PTC (paid to click) as basic function. Initially all these sites were PTC websites but later these websites added other opportunities to earn more like online surveys, play games, install apps, etc.

What is PTC?

PTC means “Paid To Click“. In this kind of website you are paid to click on banners or links. Thousands sites advertise on these PTC websites and these websites offer its members to visit advertiser website and keep website open for 10-15 seconds. This is how it works.

  1. Register and login at PTC website (scroll down for top 10 gpt sites)
  2. Go to “PTC” or “Paid To Click” or similar section (each website has different name)
  3. Click on any ptc link or banner
  4. New tab will open with advertiser website and timer
  5. Keep site open unless you see any message that you have earned money

You will earn almost $0.001 for clicking one banner/link. So in just 10-15 seconds you will make money online. Although this money is very little but if you are free then some thing is better than nothing to start with.

All these money making methods are very easy and absolutely free. All mentioned websites are trustworthy and paying for long time and you can join these sites with confidence. I tried my best to add only legitimate and good paying history sites.


S.NoSite NameOnline
Total Paid
1NeoBux200820,000,00080,000,000USD 2A
2YSense200710,000,00038,000,000USD 3A
3PrizeRebel20079,200,00019,000,000USD 2A
4PaidVerts20143,200,0008,900,000USD 1A
5Ojooo2016Not AvailableNot AvailableUSD 2A
6Scart-Clicks2009815,9822,190,000USD 2A
7DonkeyMails2005750,0001,900,000USD 1B
8GPTPlanet2010573,2971,200,000USD 1B
9No-Minimum2004265,191152,461USD 1B
10LinkGrand2006USD 5B

Note: Some websites publish total registered members and total paid out figures on their websites. So I have taken these figures from there. And for other sites I get figures from third party independent review websites. Updated October 6, 2019.

You can join all these websites and explore each website. Almost all websites has paid to click, paid to signup, paid to do online survey, paid to install apps, paid to play games, etc opportunities.

If you are from US, Canada, UK or Europe then you can make more money by completing online surveys. There is separate post work understand how online survey opportunities work.

Specially if you are from USA and UK then you can earn decent money by completing online surveys. Explore Grade A websites in above table and you will find surveys. You will earn cash and shopping vouchers for completing online surveys.

How to Earn More from GPT Sites?

There is different level “Upgrade” option in almost all GPT and PTC sites. If you can spend few dollars then you can give this a try to upgrade at any GPT site. Once you upgrade then your daily click earning will increase and and some sites you will also get random referrals. So explore all (or at least top 5) gpt sites and do some math. This way you will reach to minimum payout fast.

Buy Referrals

You can also invest on GPT sites and buy referrals. There are many people who invest and buy referrals. For example you have bought 100 referrals then for one month you will get commission of all their work and purchases. In nutshell you will get good return. I have seen few people who have more than 150,000 referrals and they have earned $150,000+ in just 3-4 years. $150,000 from PTC/GPT sites in 3 years means, $50,000 per year that’s roughly $4,000 per month. So if you do some math and invest in this opportunity then you can make good money without clicking yourself.

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Kathy November 21, 2011 at 11:19 am

I tried to make money with PTC sites like neobux but it’s all waste of time. They open and close these sites all the time. It’s all too volatile and in any given moment you can lose these few bucks you’ve been clicking for a month.

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