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52 Blog Post Ideas for When You Don’t Know What to Write About

52 Blog Post Ideas for When You Don’t Know What to Write About

If you’ve started a business from home, you’re probably already aware of the importance of a strong web presence. Blogging is a powerful way to communicate and engage with your target audience while building brand awareness and trust and establishing yourself as an expert in the industry. The ultimate goal of driving traffic to your website through your blog is to give you the opportunity to convert that traffic into new leads. In other words, your blog will (hopefully!) make you money if you produce regular quality content.

Even if you enjoy blogging, it can be daunting to regularly come up with new topics when you just don’t know what to write about. I’ve been blogging for several years, and the one thing that has helped me immensely is to have a blog post plan. So, to help you out, I’ve compiled a massive list of 52 blog post ideas. That’s one for every week of the year, and even better: They’re suitable for any niche. Whether you write about your kids, interior design, food, or travel, this list has you covered.

52 Blog Post Ideas for When You Don’t Know What to Write About52 Blog Post Ideas for When You Don’t Know What to Write About

1. Write about how you started the business.

Share your journey, your ‘why,’ and your story will be no-doubt highly relatable and inspirational.

2. Write a list of FAQs.

Answer anything you think people may have concerns about or a service or product of yours that needs clarification.

3. What’s the most creative way someone has used your service or product?

Adding in a customer’s testimonial (if they give permission) and imagery could be helpful to new customers.

4. Pick a movie you like, and tie it in with your business somehow.

Have you ever had a line or a scene resonate with you or make you think differently?

5. Show off something you own that you love.

People enjoy peeking into other people’s lives, so talk about your favorite book, corner of your house, or particular artwork.

6. Create a list of common mistakes or misconceptions in your niche.

This is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your expertise in the industry. This example has blogging mistakes to avoid.

7. Write your bucket list.

List everything you’d like to do before you ‘kick the bucket.’ Giving your audience a glimpse into your personal life helps to build trust.

8. Showcase another small business.

Build a network with other businesses you admire, and you never know, they might return the favor someday.

9. Reveal little known facts about a topic in your niche.

Provide some useful aha moments to intrigue your readers and turn them into big fans of your business.

10. Interview a client or customer.

This lets someone else do most of the writing for you, but it’s good to provide outside perspectives of your business.

52 Blog Post Ideas for When You Don’t Know What to Write About

11. Highlight your most popular social posts.

Being popular means that people can relate to them, so extend each post with some additional information and insights.

12. Showcase new research in your field.

Research news or studies in your industry, and report the findings and how it could impact your customers or clients.

13. Tell a funny story that happened to you or a friend.

Entertaining your readers and giving them something to laugh about will make them feel more connected to you (and bring them back for more!).

14. Write about the last time you got upset.

This reminds people that you’re human, and it should result in audience engagement from people who have been in that situation or have overcome it.

15. Post a challenge.

Challenge yourself and your followers to do something new that relates to your business, and then write a post with the results. Include photos of the progress if you can!

16. Do a behind-the-scenes post.

Give your followers a little window into your life and how your business works.

17. Do an expert roundup.

Find a frequently asked question in your niche, and then answer with responses from experts in your industry.

18. Motivate your readers through the obstacles.

You’re helping solve a problem for people, so write about what to do when they lose motivation or life just gets in the way.

19. Create a list of unique self-improvement tips.

Everyone likes to try new things to improve themselves and their lifestyles, so offer some unusual tips that they might not have thought of before.

20. Give them a helpful checklist to complete a project or task.

Break down a goal into small actionable steps to make your readers’ lives easier.

21. Give your reader strategies to break bad habits.

Explain the potential impact of these bad habits and how your readers can overcome them.

22. Transcribe a podcast or video.

If you have a podcast, YouTube channel, or even posted live on social media, simply transcribe it (or use an online transcription service such as Rev) to create a post.

52 Blog Post Ideas for When You Don’t Know What to Write About

23. Provide a clever life or career hacks.

Offer some interesting and unique ideas and be specific.

24. What books, websites, or podcasts do you recommend?

List some obscure ones related to your niche, or those that you think your audience would find incredibly useful.

25. List the pros and cons of a specific activity.

Making a decision is easier after a thorough examination of the pros and cons, so help your readers out.

26. Create an ‘ultimate guide’ to a topic in your business.

Write a detailed post about everything someone would want to know about a subject in your niche.

27. Share success secrets.

Whether they’re secrets to your success or the successes of your satisfied customers or clients, share what worked and what didn’t.

28. Debunk myths with facts in your niche.

Spell out and debunk the myths that are being heralded in your industry.

29. Write an inspirational post.

Recount something amazing someone has done in your niche.

30. Write an open letter.

Write an open letter to someone who spoke negatively about your business idea, who inspired you, who supported you, or even to people in authority. (The president perhaps?)

52 Blog Post Ideas for When You Don’t Know What to Write About

31. Create a tutorial to achieve a goal or task.

Include images or videos, if possible, to demonstrate how to do something new. Here is an example, where it shows you how to set up a blog.

32. Share history on a product or topic in your niche.

Research the background of something significant to your business, and give your customer something to think about.

33. Write a ‘here’s what happened’ post.

Do something new and exciting, and write about the results. Would you do it again, who would you recommend it to, and what would you do differently?

34. Take a controversial stand on a topic.

Be a bit daring and take a stand for or against something controversial. As long as you don’t offend people, you’re sure to get good engagement.

35. Forecast trends in your niche.

Play fortune teller, and predict something that will happen in the next year or 10 years. Use data to back up your claims.

36. Write a social proof post.

Use figures to support the case of why your business or industry is important and how or who it helps.

37. Interview an influencer or celebrity about something related to your niche.

People love to know what the rich and famous have to say about any given topic! Here is an interview Holly did with Natalie Ellie of Boss Babe.

38. Prepare your audience to reach their goal.

Write a preparatory post on things they should know before starting a journey or an activity.

39. Write a listicle.

List posts are hugely popular and one of the most shared types of posts, so pick a topic using how/when/why/where/who as your idea prompts.

40. Warn readers of something they might not be aware of.

These kinds of posts are hard to ignore! Here is one Holly wrote about the Amazon Phone Scam!

41. Explain the values behind you or your business.

You’ll create fans that will be inspired to get behind you. Any conversations you have with your followers will lead to more blog post ideas.

42. Share your goals and plans to achieve them.

Being transparent with your audience will inspire them, and you’ll benefit from the feedback they provide.

52 Blog Post Ideas for When You Don’t Know What to Write About

43. Share the best piece of advice you’ve been given.

Have you received any advice that has been the key to your success? Offer this life-changing wisdom to your readers.

44. How are you different from your competition?

What are you doing differently that makes you stand out, and why do you do it?

45. Put together a list of important dates for your clients or customers.

List relevant holidays, celebrations, events, meetings, webinars, and anything that your business is hosting that is relevant to your audience.

46. Compile a roundup of funny memes or tweets about your industry.

Bring some smiles to your audience! If you can include some of your own content, that’s also a bonus. ActiTIME has a great example of funny work-at-home memes here.

47. Share the highlights of a recent industry event.

If you go to an event, take some photos, ask people to provide a comment, and share a few takeaways that you left with.

48. Talk more in-depth about new products or services.

If you’re about to launch something new, give some background on the development process, some behind-the-scenes images, and explain why your customers will love it.

49. Profile members of your team, partners, or family.

Who are those awesome people that help, support, and encourage you? Give them praise or interview them.

50. Admit your failures and what you could have done differently.

People connect with real people, not perfect people. Demonstrating how you learned from your mistakes will help others who are on the same journey.

51. Make a list of your favorite industry tools.

What secret weapons do you regularly use to make your business a success? List any apps, websites, templates, shortcuts, or hacks that make your life easier.

52. Conduct a survey and highlight the findings.

Your unique data won’t be found anywhere else, so create a poll that’s original and beneficial to your readers.


Phew, you made it!

Now you have a blog post idea for every week of the year. Jot these ideas out onto your content calendar, and print it out, and stick it to the wall by your desk or add it to your phone or computer’s calendar. The key to producing quality content is planning and always knowing ahead of time precisely what you’re going to write about.

Now there are no excuses, so get writing!

Need more blog post ideas? Grab this freebie, 120 Awesome Blog Post Ideas from Elite Blog Academy.

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