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Each registered user of has a unique referral link in his member area. Using this link as a signature when you visit investments forums, on your own website or telling your friends about us, you can attract new investors in our company. In turn, we introduce one-tier affiliate commission depending on that investment plan which your referral chooses.

Investment plans with fixed-term activity – with a daily income from 1.25% to 2% within 180 days – provide 3% referral commission. It happens as soon as your direct referral makes deposit and falls into the category of active investors. Affiliate commission will be credited to your inner balance, and you can make a request for payment after its accrual. You can get a commission with only that e-currency which your referral used to create a deposit.

Especially for plans for an indefinite period (Unlimited Earner 1, 2 and 3), we offer other, more lucrative affiliate commission. Depending on the chosen investment plan your commission can be 5%, 7.5% or even 10%.
To participate in the affiliate program you do not need to have a deposit and be an active investor. We offer a unique opportunity to start earning with BTperfex, not having enough money for a deposit. Moreover, after you get referral commission it can be used to create a deposit.

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