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The Lancor Income is an international developing company majoring in advancing of startup companies. We have gathered the team of professionals who base all their ideas on many years of experience and impeccable knowledge of the market. Every startup company that we choose to buy is thoroughly analyzed by the team of Lancor Income by lots of parameters and only after that we make a decision to buy and improve it. All this process requires good deal of time as well as intellectual and financial investments. In order to do this work, our team consists of managers, analysts, researchers, sellers and support service staff that provide support to our investors.

The work of Lancore Income involves high level of responsibility and competence. What we do is called crowd funding. We analyze the market of startup companies, choose the most prospective ones and buy them with the help of our individual investors who pool their funds together in order to buy a startup company.

Finding a co-investor is quite a complicated issue. Therefore our work is to find investors, organize their funds together as well as our own funds and to buy startup companies that will bring them and us big profits after we improve them and sell to other groups of investors for a higher price.

Another way to make good profit is to put those companies up for business auctions. The higher bet wins and we get great profits. We buy and improve startup companies, particularly those associated with new technologies. The startup companies we choose are the technological ventures designed for high-growth and they can produce huge returns to their owners (in our case to our team and our investors). This kind of owning a business is called share ownership and a good example of such company is Google which creators are now billionaires due to their shares in the business.

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