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GoTranscript Review: Online Transcription Jobs for Beginners [Updated 2020]

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If you are searching for online transcription jobs, then this GoTranscript review is for you!

GoTranscript is a transcription company, known for hiring beginners to transcribe files from home, with no prior transcription experience. They have flexible working hours, and you can work as much or as little as you want.

Personally, I would say that GoTranscript offers some of the best online transcription jobs for beginners.

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GoTranscript Quick Summary


  • Flexible working hours
  • Weekly payouts via PayPal or Payoneer
  • Grow your skills through consistent feedback
  • An opportunity to work from home
  • Different transcription projects available
  • Preview files before claiming jobs
  • Work is available 24/7.

Start earning with GoTranscript!


  • Poor audio quality
  • Low pay
  • They pay per audio hour, not hourly

Is GoTranscript Legit?

Yes, GoTranscript is 100% legit.

GoTranscript has been offering online transcription jobs for beginners since 2005. It has worked with major companies and publications such as Fast Company, Forbes, The Huffington Post, Entreprenuer among others.

They pride themselves in offering 100% human-generated transcription services. They currently have a rating of 98.5% on customer satisfaction with 144 million minutes of audio files already transcribed. If that isn’t legit, then I don’t know what is!

Do You Need Any Specialized Skills

No. You do not need specialized skills or experience for you to work at GoTranscript. The only requirement is having good English skills, and this will come in handy when taking the Gotranscript assessment test.

As for technical requirements, you need  a computer in good working condition, a pair of headsets and a fast internet connection.

A foot pedal is not mandatory since transcribers use the GoTranscript transcription tool, but you can still buy one if you intent to work with other transcription companies.

I love their online transcription software because of the ‘shortcuts’ buttons that make transcribing quite easy.

How Do I Apply For GoTranscript?

If you wish to become a transcriber, just head over to the application page and register online.

They offer really competitive rates for their online transcription jobs, up to $0.60 per audio or video minute transcribed.

For you to get access to the GoTranscript jobs, you must pass  a 5-minute video assessment test. Make sure you study the style guide before taking the test.

The style guide has important information in regards to formatting transcripts, identifying speakers, time-stamping rules, etcetera.

I would like to point out that the audio file for the test has a non-native speaker and the audio quality is pretty low. They chose this file to help them weed out transcribers who aren’t fit to handle jobs from their regular  clients.

If you pass the test, a representative will get back you within 14 days. But if you fail, you get a chance to retake the test after a  few days.

How to Pass the GoTranscript Test

Want to pass the GoTranscript test? I bet you do! Here is a detailed YouTube video showing you step-by-step how to pass the test with answers!

Online Transcription Jobs – The Process

Once you are hired as a transcriptionist, you’ll get access to the dashboard and you can start transcribing.

The dashboard area has all available jobs. It also shows you the length of each file and the amount of money you can make from each job.

You have a right to play the file(s) and determine if it’s clear enough for you to work on it. If you are satisfied, you can claim the file by clicking the “Make My Job” tab that’s right after the earnings tab.

In terms of deadlines and turnaround times, GoTranscript is pretty flexible. The industry standards for 60 minutes of audio is 4 hours, but GoTranscript gives 6 hours to type a 10-minute audio/video file. I would say that this is quite flexible, even for the slowest typists.

Once you finish transcribing, you can submit your work and an editor will review it, then send it to the customer.

The good thing about GoTranscript is that you can see the edited versions of your work under the “Finished Jobs’ section. This way, you get an opportunity to compare your original transcript with the edited version and see if you missed anything important.  If you  did a commendable job, earnings will be credited to your account immediately.

Also, if you produce high quality work on a continuous basis, getting a score of 4.5  out of 5, you can be promoted to the level of an editor. And editors do earn more money than transcribers. Pretty cool, right?

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How Do You Get Money From GoTranscript?

Once you have enough money in your account, you can request for payment to be made either via PayPal or Payoneer. These are two widely known payment solutions that most freelancers use.

GoTranscript Reviews

Looking at the Gotranscript reviews left on Glassdoor and Indeed, many transcribers said that it’s a great company for beginners. Most people love the flexible working hours without any set schedules. You have the liberty of previewing files before claiming jobs and they pay on time, every single week.

The two cons I picked up from most transcribers is the low pay and poor audio quality.

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GoTranscript Review: Getting Started

As we have all seen, GoTranscript has amazing online transcription jobs especially for beginners. It does not require much to start and you get a chance to grow your transcription skills. I know the pay is not that high, but as a beginner, you have to start somewhere, right?

So, get signed up. Make supplemental income. Grow your skills and become the best freelance transcriptionist that you are meant to be.

I hope that you enjoyed this GoTranscript review

If you are looking for more online transcription jobs for beginners or general transcription jobs in general, feel free to check out, Scribe or TranscribeMe. These are great transcription companies with more online transcription jobs for beginners just like you.

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No problem!

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Are you working for GoTranscript? Do you like it? What challenges have you faced as a transcriber? Leave your comments below.





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