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8 Free Work at Home Courses and Resources You Don’t Want to Miss!

8 free work at home courses and resources

*This post may contain affiliate links. I only share opportunities that I truly believe will benefit my readers. Disclosure.

8 Free Work at Home Courses and Resources You Don't Want to Miss!

I’ve created this list of free work at home courses and resources because I’ve received a lot of emails recently from people curious about getting started in a home-based career, and I know, from personal experience, it’s difficult to know where to start!

Some of these resources are free lists of ideas for a particular niche. Some are free introductory courses that let you get a taste of a particular career before you take the plunge.

Free Work at Home Courses and Resources:


If you’re a grammar nerd or wannabe grammar nerd, Caitlin Pyle’s Proofread Anywhere offers a free introductory course – Earn Extra Income from Home as a Proofreader!  It’ll give you an overview of this awesome home-based career and help you determine if it’s an option for you! This isn’t proofreading the old-fashioned way – with a pen and paper! All you need for this work at home career is an iPad, a few reference books, and an Internet connection!

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If you’re curious about becoming a home-based virtual assistant, check out Gina Horkey’s VA Mini Course! It’s free, and may spark ideas for services you could offer as a VA – maybe even a particular niche you might fill.

You should also definitely read her post – Everything You Need to Know About Becoming a Virtual Assistant! It’ll give you a great introduction to virtual assisting, getting clients, what virtual assistants actually do, how to figure out your rates, and more!

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If you enjoy Pinterest and social media, check out the new online course Become a Pinterest VA Today! Get your name on the wait list, and when it opens back up for enrollment, you’ll be among the first to know!


If you enjoy writing, and have considered becoming a freelance writer, there’s never been a better time. Read Gina Horkey’s post – How to Become a Paid Freelance Writer. Websites need content, and you can make money by meeting that demand!


Gina’s 200+ Freelance Writing Niches list is absolutely free, and will get your creative juices going. Freelance writers who specialize in a particular type of content (health, technology, beauty, food, etc.) can make excellent money!

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Janet Shaughnessy’s Transcribe Anywhere is an excellent general transcription course for those who feel the need for more in-depth, step-by-step instruction – and you can try her free Transcription Foundations course to get a better sense of what general transcription involves, and what types of businesses use general transcriptionists (To take the free course, stay on this page for a few moments, and a popup will appear offering you access)!

If you’re interested in general transcription, my ebook (for Kindle), Jump-Start Your Work at Home General Transcription Career, though not free, is only $6.99, and will give you an excellent introduction to general transcription. I cover everything you need to know to get started, including all necessary equipment, shortcuts (so you can make money faster), how to handle taxes, and more!


Janet also offers a free introductory course in legal transcription (an area of transcription in high demand) – Learn How to Make Money as a Legal Transcriptionist. Legal transcriptionists make excellent money, often working from home!


?? If you’re interested in learning about work-at-home voice over work and how to get started, I highly recommend Julie Eickhoff’s excellent Free Voice-Over Training Class Here. It’s an introductory course that will give you a good idea if voice over work is the right home-based career for you! She’s been in the business since 2011 and knows her stuff!

Most of these introductory work-at-home courses are free! They cost nothing to try, and may give you an idea for a future work at home career – one you can start in the next few weeks or months! Take a free work at home course – or two – and find your perfect home-based career! Enjoy!


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