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Tips for Supplementing Your Income During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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It probably doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone that many small business owners, or even full-time employees, are feeling the pinch from the coronavirus pandemic. This virus has everyone locked up in their homes with little to no employment opportunities. Some people don’t have any income coming in at all. Heck, even companies like Edcon (who have been around for decades) are having issues with the financial loss brought on by the pandemic.

There is simply no denying that most businesses are going to lose out on revenue. It might not reach the point where it bankrupts certain businesses, but they are all going to miss out on potential revenue. All that being said, you don’t have to let COVID-19 completely bankrupt you. Here are ways that you can supplement your income, even if you are locked inside your home.

Start Selling Online

You’ve likely heard the stories about people becoming millionaires online. Well, now is the time to explore just how the Internet can help you make money. You’ll quickly find that there are a variety of ways that you can set up a storefront online. However, the quickest and easiest is to become an affiliate for some already-established business.

Walmart, Amazon, PetSmart, and every other major retailer offers some kind of affiliate program these days. This is where you essentially sell the store’s goods on your website and you get a percentage of the sale. This is one of the most-effective ways to make money online because you are basically just promoting a brand that is already established. All you have to do is draw attention to your site. The brand is already established for you.

Invest Online

Another great way to make money from the comfort of your home is to invest what money you already have. It is likely that you do have some money in savings and regardless of the amount, you can turn it into more. All you need is the right broker, strategies, and investment platform. If the Internet is anything, it is a wealth of knowledge sitting there for the taking. You can utilize sites like Budgetable to learn all about online investing. You’ll learn everything from finding a broker to key tips and information about the companies that you should be investing in.

Become a Freelancer

With the abundance of time on your hands, now is the best time to look into freelance work. There is a huge market online for native English-speaking-and-writing individuals. People from all around the world are more than willing to pay you to write well-written articles in English. Topics can range from finance to adult content.

You will need a pretty good understanding of grammar and structure, but if you keep things fairly simple, you won’t have a problem finding reputable work. There are even now programs available that you can run your work through and they will check its structure. It’ll let you know where you have errors and how you can fix those errors. With tools like this and your English writing skills, you’ll be making money hand over fist in no time at all.

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