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10 Of The Best Career Books 2020

I love a good book. Growing up, my mom was an avid reader. She always always let me pick out one book every time we went to Barnes and Noble or Books A Million. (These are still some of my favorite memories!).

This instilled a love of reading in me that still carries on today. I typically gravitate toward self-help titles and reference materials, but am also known to enjoy a Reese Witherspoon book club pick.

Today, as a Certified Professional Career Coach (CPCC), I’m quick to recommend certain titles to my clients based on their current career needs. I truly believe every person reads a book differently and can find unique takeaways that help them get ‘unstuck.’

So, what books in my repertoire do I repeatedly recommend in 2020?

Here are 10 of the best career books in 2020 under (and they’re all under 20 bucks!).

1. The Pathfinder

Written by Nicholas Lore, this book is perfect for anyone who wants to find fulfilling and engaging work. The well-researched information presented is based on techniques developed by Rockport Institute, a career-counseling network.

I love to recommend The Pathfinder for people at all career stages, from recent grads to longtime workers ready for a new path.

2. The Careers Handbook

What’s your perfect job? Many people just don’t know. That’s where The Careers Handbook can help.

This is a great read for people who want to turn their passion into a career or need a change but have no clue where to start.

I love recommending this book to recent graduates and anyone just entering the workforce.

3. Switchers

This book is written by a well-known psychologist and career coach, Dr. Dawn Graham. In it, she provides actionable advice you can use to make a major career move.

Switchers is a title I recommend over and over again to professionals who want to transfer their existing skills into a new career.

4. Do What You Are

The best-selling guide, Do What You Are, helps you find the best career path based on your personality.

A lot has changed in the world since this book was first published. The most recent version takes the changing economy and technological advances in mind when helping readers harness the power of personality for their career.

I frequently recommend this book to everyone from Baby Boomers to fellow Millennials who need help customizing their job search based on their unique type.

5. Career Match

This helpful guide is on a mission to match you with your ideal job. Career Match includes a bonus 10-minute self-assessment that will truly help you connect who you are with something you’ll love in your career.

I tend to pass along Career Match to job seekers who feel stuck in a rut. Often, this guide is exactly what they need to feel professionally reinvigorated.

6. What Color Is Your Parachute?

No best career books list (even in 2020) would be complete without What Color Is Your Parachute? .

This classic was named one of the top 100 non-fiction books by TIME and has sold more than 10 million copies worldwide.

My love for this book is based on its famous Flower Exercise. It allows the reader a chance to take a self-inventory that really helps identify strengths, weaknesses and career ideals. That’s why I highly recommend it for almost any job seeker, including recent grads, career changers, and unemployed.

7. I Could Do Anything If I Only Knew What It Was

I have to credit my mom (again) for introducing this book to me. After finding inspiration in it herself, she passed her copy onto me. And, I must say, I found it to be quite the eye opener.

After reading this, I had a lot more clarity on what I wanted out of life. It’s no wonder, then, I highly recommend this book to my career coaching clients.

It’s a must read for people who need a little push to get on the right path.

8. Roadmap

How many times have you been asked, “What do you want to do with your life?” If you’re like me, it’s more times than you care to remember.

Roadmap seeks to help you finally answer this question once and for all.

I highly recommend this to my clients that are visual learners. It’s packed with colorful graphs and guides that help you make sense of where you want to go in your career.

9. The Career Manifesto

Mike Steib wrote a popular blog post that he then transformed in The Career Manifesto.

This book is a guide to help you discover your calling and create meaningful goals.

It’s a great book I suggest to individuals who are motivated by goals and enjoy following step by step plans.

10. How To Be Everything

Whoever said you have to be just one thing in life? How To Be Everything was written to help you channel your skills and interests into your career.

This is a book I regularly pass on to clients who don’t want to pick just one career path. Instead, they can harness all of their unique interests and transform it into a meaningful career.

The Best Career Books

Well, there you have it — 10 of the best career books as picked by me a career coach. I love to recommend books to my clients.

Often, for under $20 a career-focused book can be a real eye opener. The right read can help you make a career breakthrough and head in the right direction, whichever way that may be.

So, what are you waiting for? Fire up your Kindle and start reading! You’re just a page away from your next career move.


Ashlee Anderson, CPCC

P.S. This page contains affiliate links. What are affiliate links? They’re a way for me to earn a small commission on products when you make a purchase using my affiliate link (it doesn’t cost you anything extra). You can learn more by reading my disclosure statement.

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