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Google Adsense Traffic

Blank Referrer Google AdSense Safe Traffic
If your CTR % is very high and you want to bring it down, then this is the best traffic option for you. Guaranteed 100% “blank referrer” traffic. You can also use this traffic for any other website where you need to increase visitors. Parked domains with high CTR % also needs “blank referrer” traffic.

  • Best to use for google adsense or parked domains to lower CTR %
  • Can be used at any website
  • Spoofed Referrer Google AdSense Safe Traffic
    My traffic delivery system can also provide “spoofed traffic”. You can provide any link to me or set of links like 10 link or 20 links and you will get traffic showing coming from those links. Get traffic shown from any provided link

  • Best to use for google adsense or parked domains to lower CTR %
  • Can be used at any website
  • Can be used to show your traffic source at Alexa statistics
  • social media traffic sample campaigns details

    Traffic Source
    No lies and just truth, this traffic is coming from auto surf sites. Normally auto surf traffic is extremely dangerous for google adsense sites but I do have my own traffic delivery system. What my system does is, makes this traffic “blank referrer” and delivery to ordered site according to order.

    Traffic Delivery Options
    1. 100% Blank Referrer google adsense safe traffic
    2. URL Spoofing and get traffic from shown any url like yahoo, google, etc.
    3. 24 Hours Unique IP Traffic for one site
    4. 1 Minute gap option between each visitor delivery to make it real and sensible (No other seller offers this)
    5. Daily visitor limit option

    Traffic Characteristics
    1. 100% shown and tracked by Google Analytics (if don’t will send more)
    2. Minimum 15 seconds up to 1 minute with average of 30 seconds visitors
    3. 100% safe for Google Adsense and other cpc sites
    4. This traffic will not destroy Alexa rank (due to unique visitors)
    5. Alexa improvement is not guaranteed by this traffic (you may get alexa visitors also but not guaranteed)

    Unaccepted Websites

  • Sites having Trojan, Malicious code, phishing urls
  • Frame breaking or IFrame sites
  • Sites open popups or auto download scripts
  • Anything that stops auto surfing
  • Warning To Traffic Buyers
    All traffic sellers who claim they get traffic from expired domains and also don’t accept websites having “iframe” or “popup”, guaranteed that they sell auto surf traffic. They lie with their clients.

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