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HYIP Guide

HYIP means High Yield Investment Programs. These online investment programs are great to make huge and quick profit during short time but at the same time these programs are also risky too. However if you invest with proper planning then there is great scope of huge profit in this industry. Normally these online high yield investment program pays daily, weekly and monthly.

Types of e-currency accounts and additional payment options.
Liberty Reserve, Perfect-Money, Alertpay, V-Money, Pecunix, SolidTrustPay, StrictPay, Western Union, Bank Wire, Paypal

Online e-currency accounts are used to deposit & withdraw money from these investment programs. Some popular e-currencies and other payment options used for these programs are

Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, AlertPay, V-Money, Pecunix, SolidTrustPay, StrictPay, Bank Wire, Western Union

Creating e-currency account (to deposit/invest and receive profit from hyips)

First you need to create any e-currency account that will be used to deposit and withdraw money from these programs. At the moment most famous e-currency option is Liberty Reserve that is used by 100% programs. Liberty Reserve is free to join and you can create free account there. There is no restriction of membership, everybody from any where can open Liberty Reserve account.

Funding e-currency account

Once you open Liberty Reserve (or any other) account next step will be to fund your e-currency account. There are a lot of good exchangers who can receive money from you by Bank Wire, Western Union, etc and fund your e-currency account after deducting their commission. Some most popular and trusted exchangers are

HYIP system/setup types

Structure wise there are two kinds of sites.

a.) Having complete member/login/account area where investors needs to signup. Investor must create and login to their accounts to make deposit, withdraw profit and see their investment history. These are called scripts, only around 5% sites use customized script and 95% sites use readymade scripts that is created by one group of programmers.

b.) In these kinds of sites there is no member/login area. You transfer money directly to hyip’s e-currency account and hyip admin transfer’s profit to your e-currency account directly. (This is called automatic payout)

HYIP investment plan/payout types

There are different kinds of hyip plans those are described here

a.) Hourly plans, profit is credited to site’s member area or e-currency account after each hour (extremely risky, don’t invest)

a.) Daily plans, profit is credited to site’s member area or e-currency account after each 24 hours

b.) Weekly plans, profit is credited to site’s member area or e-currency account after each 24×7 hours

c.) Monthly plans, profit is credited to site’s member area or e-currency account after each month

Choosing High Yield Investment Program

This is not so simple question, after funding your e-currency account next step will be choosing right investment program. This is the most difficult step because there are thousands programs/sites/hyips and only less than 5% are serious and worthy to invest with. There are few kinds of hyips

1%-5% daily profit for 1-12 months. (These programs are good and less risky but also depends at which stage you are joining)

10%-20% daily profit for few days (Gambling, think double before investing, you can make big money & you can lose quickly)

200%-400% after one day (extremely risky, don’t invest in these kinds of programs, instead donate)

Hourly programs/sites/hyips pay 200%/300% profit during 24 hours (extremely risky, don’t invest instead donate)

Your original deposit/investment/principal

Principal wise there are two types of plans. At same site/hyip there might be both types of plans.

Non-returning of principal/original deposit/money after maturity of plan

In this kind of plan you will get back your principal once your plan is matured/expired. For example one site may offer plan like 5% daily for 30 days including principal. It means you will get 5% profit daily for 30 days with total 150% return. Out of 150%, 100% is your original investment/deposit/principal and 50% is your net profit during 30 days.

Returning of principal/original deposit/money after maturity of plan

In same above example where site is offering 5% for 30 days you will get 150% return during 30 days. But in this plan after 30 days you will also get back your original 100% deposit/principal. So 150% will be your pure profit because you got back your 100% principal separately.

Before investing check carefully and make sure either principal is included in daily/weekly/monthly returns or you will get back your principal separately after maturity of plan.

How to make deposit/spend/investment?

Once you have funds in your e-currency account then next step will be join any hyip and make your first investment. The procedure of making first deposit is

* Create new account at your chosen hyip (best hyips here)
* Login to your hyip account (always note down your login and password and set different login and password at each site)
* Find deposit/invest/spend page
* Select desired plan (if more than one plan), enter desired amount and click button like spend/deposit/enter/etc
* You will be taken to e-currency a/c site, enter your e-currency a/c login & password to transfer funds to hyip account
* After transferring funds to hyip account, click on “Return to merchant” (or similar) button to come back to hyip site
* Check your deposit/spend/investment amount in your history area

Where/how to see my profit after making first deposit/spend/investment?

95% hyips credit your profit into their own internal system (don’t send profit directly to your e-currency account). If you deposit money in daily plan then after 24 hours of your deposit, you can login to your investment site and see your profit. These sites/systems/scripts credit profit exactly after 24 hours so don’t worry if you login to your account 1 minute before 24 hours and don’t find your profit. It will be good idea to note down hour:minute at which time you made deposit and login to your account 1 minute later of your depositing time.

How to withdraw/cashout profit to my e-currency account?

Once you can see profit credited into your investment site account then you can click on “withdraw” or “cashout” or smiliar button to request payout. 99% sites process payouts manually and only 1% sites process payout instantly. Manual payout means you will request payout and admin will send requested amount to your e-currency account (like liberty reserve, etc) during published time frame. Mostly that time frame is 24 hours. This way you can request profit cash out daily and you will receive profit into your e-currency account daily.

Cashout/withdraw types.

There are three kinds of withdrawal or cash out types

Automatic: That means there is no member/login area and hyip received your investment/deposit/spend/money directly in their e-currency account and they will send you profit directly to your e-currency account. After deposit you don’t need to do any thing

Manual: It means you need to login to your member/account area and give withdrawal / cashout request. Site admin will send your profit to your e-currency account during published time frame. Mostly you will get paid before 24 horus of request depending when you requested payout. 99% sites offer this function.

Instant: It means your profit/money will be transferred into your e-currency account instantly after your withdrawal / cashout request from your member area. Just around 1% sites offer this function.

Personally I have invested 60,000 US$ during 2008-2009 in different high yield investment programs and now I am investing again in these programs. You can see my different investment pools at Pool 1 Pool 2 Pool 3 Pool 4 Pool 5 coming in few days

If you arrived at by my search engines campaign and you are new to high yield investment programs then you may contact me by contact form for help and personal recommendations.

Disclaimer: This site is for information purpose only, please choose your investment program carefully. I have found all these programs working and paying. As soon as any program will stop paying, I will update status here. Make all your investment decision at your own, GlobalCashSite will not be responsible if you lose your money.

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